Get Off the Internet and Write!

Get Off the Internet and Write!

Depending on your writing style, being online when you write can be both a help and a hindrance. It is useful to be online to research and find references for your piece, but it can also lead to what I call a net dependent approach to writing that devalues and removes the most important resource from your work; you.

When we write with a browser open, we often find ourselves jumping on google to find out this or that. In the process we can become distracted by reading material on the subject we’re writing about. This can interrupt the natural flow of your writing and prevent you from engaging your own mind and your own resources to develop something unique.

So why not try this. Disconnect your internet connection – that’s right, do the unthinkable and unplug the cord. Cut yourself off from the online world. Open up your writing software of choice, and write. Just you and the blank screen. Rediscover what it was like to write without distraction. If you need facts and figures from online, don’t stress. Just keep writing and fill in the blanks later.

Solitude is a great tool for writing. When we’re online, we’re not really alone with our thoughts because we’re continuously plugging into other peoples facts, figures and opinions all through out the writing process. Writing for the internet while you’re off the internet will help you develop or rediscover your voice, your writing style and what matters to you in your writing.

Set aside time once a week, or as needed, to disconnect from the internet and write. I find I get a lot more posts written when I do this, usually producing 5-6 posts in a session.

Do you get offline to write? Or are you disciplined enough to keep your browser closed?

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2 Responses to Get Off the Internet and Write!

  1. Great advice: unplug, solitude & clean desk.
    I read your post and I am doing what I have been thinking of doing for a while: moving the computer to the end of my desk and clearing the space for writing – at least outlining my writing- then I can do the typing very quickly. I’ve had that in my mind and you triggered the event, thanks a million.