Gold Leaf – Free Headway Theme Template

Gold Leaf – Free Headway Theme Template

I had a little free time over Christmas so I thought I’d put together a quick Headway template to release for free on Theme Grrl. Headway Theme is a premium drag and drop WordPress theme that gives you complete control over how your WordPress site looks. I’ve been using it for many years now ( was designed using Headyway).

One of the big developments for Headway Theme in recent times has been the improvement in the template function that allows users create, import and export templates with relative ease. Although Headway comes with some very basic preset layouts and a few premium templates are available, there are hardly any free Headway templates out there, until now!


Here is my first stab at a template for the more girly bloggers out there. It’s a quick and simple modification of one of Headway’s basic preset layouts. Please click on the screen shot above to see a larger image. Please note, you need to have Headway Theme installed to use this template!

Please see the following link for instructions on how to install a Headway template:

Theme Grrl

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