How to Get Free Premium WordPress Themes

How to Get Free Premium WordPress Themes

Are you looking for a high quality theme but can’t spare the dough? Premium themes at the top end of the market can cost up to $200 these days! In this post I’ll show you were to get quality WordPress (and other) themes for free.

Here’s how – simply become a member of the following two theme market places and take advantage of their regular free theme offers.

1. Join Creative Market and keep en eye out for their weekly free downloads. Make sure your account is enabled to receive their weekly newsletter which will contain links to the free downloads. In addition to free WordPress themes you can also receive free fonts, textures, photoshop brushes and more!

2. Join Evanto’s ThemeForest and gain access to their monthly freebies. Each month you can download one product from each of Evanto’s marketplaces for free, which also includes sites like CodeCanyon and GraphicsRiver. The ThemeForest market place contains themes for all kinds of platforms so the monthly freebie will not always be a WordPress theme, but if you check in each month you’ll come across one soon enough. The monthly freebie can be downloaded from their home page, simply scroll down to where it says ‘Free’.

I hope this helps!

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