Kawaii WordPress Themes

Kawaii WordPress Themes

Looking for girly WordPress themes? They don’t come any cuter or any girlier than this! Please note that some of these themes contain encrypted coded links in the footers. I don’t normally post themes with encrypted code because it’s not in the open source spirit of WordPress. But girly themes for teens are hard to come by and these ones are just too cute!

UPDATE: 29TH OCT, 2013 – Links updated, themes that are no longer available have been removed

Rainbow Town • DemoDownload

Rainbow Town WordPress Theme

Dog’s Life • DemoDownload

Dog's Life Kawaii WordPress Theme

Doggy Scrappy • DemoDownload

Doggy Scrappy WordPress Theme

4 Responses to Kawaii WordPress Themes

  1. Really adorable, but most of the links are broken! If you have the time, fixing them would be wonderful! ♥ I want to use some of them very much.

    • Hi Chiharu! Unfortunately these themes are no longer available from website that used to provide them. I’ve searched around and I haven’t been able to find an alternative source.