Blogging Tip: Keep an Offline Journal

Blogging Tip: Keep an Offline Journal

Here’s a tip for a good quality blog: keep a journal, and keep it offline. Don’t let your blog become the record of every mundane and inane thought you have. They might be important to you, and good to work out of your system, but a blog might not necessarily be the best place for them. Not only will you bore your readers, you will deplete the value of your blog. Be humble. Understand that not every thought you have is of profound importance, relevance or interest to other people. There’s already a place for that, it’s called Twitter.

Heed this advice, especially if you write a blog of a personal nature. Have both a blog and an offline journal. View the journal as part of your blogging tools. When you have the impulse to write, write in your journal. Use the journal as a filter and just blog the good stuff.

The good stuff is:

  • relevant
  • interesting
  • educational
  • inspiring
  • funny
  • helpful

Do your blog posts contain the good stuff?

Keeping an offline journal will allow you to get everything off your chest that you need to, with out boring your readers, and frankly, wasting their time. It is also a space in which you can experiment with your writing and to give yourself time to develop good pieces of writing into great blog posts. Your blog will be better for it and you will receive and keep more readers as a result.

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4 Responses to Blogging Tip: Keep an Offline Journal

  1. Excellent idea, it is also therapeutic to get these thoughts out.
    I was thinking of having a ranting blog where I would offload all the…crap? but a journal sounds like the thing to do.
    There will always be time after a while to let the journal become something else…
    We’ll see.

  2. Fred… I’m all for ranting blogs! Just as long as it is defined as such 🙂 We all need to unload the crap somewhere.

  3. Brilliant. And so is the post about unplugging for a while.

    I always wonder why people write posts about how they have nothing much to say right now. So, go away until you have something to say. Right? Right.

  4. Thanks Owen! Yes I wonder that as well. I also wonder about bloggers apologizing for not posting much lately… as if their readers were holding their breath until another post appeared.