Pink and Girly Tumblr Themes

Pink and Girly Tumblr Themes

Looking for a gorgeous pink and girly Tumblr theme? Look no further! In this post I’ve assembled a lovely collection of fifteen free and premium Tumblr themes with a feminine touch. I hope you find one that takes your fancy!

Free Themes

HeartPattern • DemoDetails

Heart Pattern Tumblr Theme

Ava-May • DemoDetails

Ava-May Tumblr Theme

Button Theme • DemoDetails

Button Tumblr Theme

Chalkdust • DemoDetails

Chalk Dust Tumblr Theme

Jennifer Theme • DemoDetails

Jennifer Tumblr Theme

Dainty Fresh • DemoDetails

Dainty Fresh Tumblr Theme

Sarah’s Theme • DemoDetails

Sarah's Tumblr Theme

Dream Theme • DemoDetails

Dream Theme

Pink Heart • DemoDetails

Pink Heart Tumblr Theme

Strange Little Town • DemoDetails

Strange Little Town  Tumblr Theme

Premium Themes

Diana Theme ($10) • DemoDetails

Diana Tumblr Theme

Essentia ($13) • DemoDetails – Animated Background!

Essentia Tumblr Theme

Elegantem ($16) • DemoDetails

Elegantem Tumblr Theme

Vintage Sky ($32) • DemoDetails – Animated Background!

Vintage Sky Tumblr Theme

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